Pressure Group Campaigns For No Vote

NCA Chairperson, Lovemore Madhuku, told Radio VOP on Wednesday: “We will definitely campaign against any draft produced by this process which, is not people driven.”

He said the the recent outbreak of violence at meetings to gather people views for a new constitution will continue for as long as the process is led by politicians.

He said the resurgence of violence towards the end of the programme at meetings in Harare was not a surprising given that it is led by politicians with vested interests.

“We are quite not surprised by the violence. COPAC, a (Constitutional Parliamentary led programme) was never a serious process and what is happening will always happen to a process that is driven by politicians,” said Madhuku.

“We will get more of these; there was a warning during the first Constitution All Stakeholders conference.”

During the first all stakeholders meeting, Zanu (PF) politicians and supporters disrupted the meeting and send members of the COPAC management committee including the Speaker of Parliament Lovemore Moyo and his Senate counterpart Edna Madzongwe scurrying for cover.

Madhuku said to save the process the politicians must swallow their pride and hand over the process to an independent commission which he said must be established as a matter of urgency.

“This process should always have been led by an independent commission. Now COPAC should hand over whatever they have collected from the people and hand it over to an independent commission which should be established as a matter of urgency,” said Madhuku.

COPAC consultative meetings were at the weekend suspended in Harare after cases of violence which made it impossible for any gathering of views.

A new constitution is expected to usher in a new democratic situation in the country. It will replace the outdated Lancaster House constitution, which President Robert Mugabe has used conveniently over the past 30 years to entrench his iron-fist rule and suppress opposition.