Pretoria rapist told mother ‘you are disturbing me’, whilst child called for help

Note: The following story contains graphic material that may offend sensitive readers, including children.

The mother of the eight-year-old girl that was raped at a Dros restaurant in Pretoria says she found her child crying for help and calling out her name when she was in a locked toilet. The mother is testifying in the trial of the self-confessed child rapist, Nicholas Ninow.

Her daughter earlier testified in a closed courtroom. Ninow cried softly as the girl’s mother was testifying.

The mother, with the help of an interpreter, says the person behind the door told her she was disturbing him as she tried to gain entry into the bathroom cubicle.

“Then I called out the child’s name and then she called back saying ‘mommy, assist me.’ Then the person that was behind the door said ‘you are disturbing me, what is it that you want?’”

The mother says when they managed to force the locked door open, she grabbed her daughter and ran to the restaurant’s reception. She said once her child was safe, she went to the men’s toilet where Ninow had fled to and found him naked, wiping his private parts with her child’s leggings and then flushing the panties down the toilet.

The mother says the incident traumatised both her and her child.

“There is no parent who should see what I have witnessed. Emotionally, I am not okay with what I have witnessed.”

ANC Women’s League president, Bathabile Dlamini also attended the trial. She says the legal system must change to support women who are being abused and killed.

“We knew long ago that the system is not working and we are taking our time to change the legislation to suite women. But also when we give reports, they give reports of one and the same things that have been done. Women and progressive men are coming up together we are all working together because we are afraid of what is happening in our country.”