Prime Minister Protocol Officials Not Recognised

Highly placed sources in the Foreign Affairs protocol department told Radio VOP that Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai’s protocol officials “were there on paper, just like the Global Political Agreement document whose implementation is deliberately being ignored by President Robert Mugabe”.

They said directives coming from the “above” requires them not to interact with the Movement for Democratic Change officials in the same department.

“We have never held any meeting collectively with officials from the Prime Minister’s office because the Ministry superiors told us that the MDC guys were passersby.

“In fact we do not recognise them. They do not appear on our protocol officers’ list, because they belong to a puppet political party,” said the sources.

A senior official from Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai’s office confirmed that they rarely interacted with their Zanu (PF) protocol officers.

“When we go for foreign trips with the Prime Minister that when we are given one officer from the protocol who would accompany the PM delegation, and its not surprising to hear that that’s what is happening.

“However to us in the Prime Minister’s office we are not worried by that development because it does not stop us from doing our duties. In fact its barbaric and unreasonable for them to do that given the fact that we are all on the government payroll, and
being in the office of a person who won the presidential election,” said the official.

Tsvangirai this week told guests at a a graduation ceremony for 64 officers employed in his office who underwent a Diplomatic Protocol and Corporate Etiquette Workshop,“Bureaucracy is slow in changing and some degree of patience is required. The Office of the PM is new in government.”

“The formation of the inclusive government has its political challenges but we have to fit in and therefore have to learn how to engage in the set-up,” he said.

The training workshop had been organised by the Zimbabwe Institute of Diplomacy. Tsvangirai said the training was necessary and important in building a strong team.