Prioritise Resource Availability,Boost Food Security-Karoi Residents Urge Govt

By Criswell Chisango

KAROI,October 7, 2015-Government must priotise resource availability to avoid

doctored information on food security as key component to economic

growth. Contributing during a budget consultation meeting in Karoi on

Monday, Charles Chiripanyanga, a district information officer said due

to lack of resources, some officers give false information especially

on food security and assessment.                  

“Lack of resources among junior officers on the ground force them to give doctored

 information especially on food security. We call upon the Government

 to allocate more resources to these key sectors” he said. Karoi

 residents were contributing during outreach meeting by Portifolio

 committee on Finance and Economic Development chaired by Honourable Munacho

 Mutezo in Karoi’s Chikangwe community hall. At least 50 people

 attended the public meeting.  Hurungwe acting administrator Leornard

 Ngirazi called on the Government to fully fund Grain Marketing Board

 as Hurungwe  district is regarded as breadbasket of the nation but is

 inadequately funded.

‘’Many people are getting maize from here but GMB does not pay farmers

 on time. That puts off the committment of farmers in food production’’

he added.

 Chief Adam Katsvere Chanetsa called on better allocation for food

 security as well as traditional leaders are getting the brunt of

 looking after those without food.

‘’We want more resources for food security through better funding of

 GMB,’’ said Chief Chanetsa.

  However some speakers called on the Government to allocate more funds

 on healthcare, education, mining and infrastructure development that

 is lagging behind.

Hurungwe rural district council Chief Executive Officer Joram Moyo

 said there is need for Government to give enough resources to local

 authorities as they are on the ground to implement developmental


‘’All other functions can be properly run only if local authorities

 get a fair share of resources as they play critical role in nation

 building’’ said Moyo.

 Another council official blamed  Zimbabwe Revenue Authority, Zimra for

 overburdening councils by tax garnish budgeted estimates not the

 actual revenue collected.

‘’When Zimra come they want tax on estimate budget even if collected

 less than ten percent of the actual budget. We call upon clear cut

 policies on tax regime‘’ said  Obert Mutenga.


 Some residents urged that the meeting was poorly published and it was

 ill timed as many are battling to make ends meet due to economic


 ”Very few people can attend such important meetings as we need  just

 a dollar for families. We cannot attend national budget meetings as

 long as my family has nothing for supper’ said Tinaye Mukara of


 However some said the public meetings were waste of time and resources.

‘’No one will ever listen to us so why bother attending such meetings?

 This is another way of wasting the scarce resources in the country as

 the Executive does not take anything from the laymen,’’ said a local

 businessman who refused to be identified.  Hon Mutezo assured those

 who attended that the information will be forwarded to relevent

 ministry and those who contributed enjoyed parliament immunity and


 The committees are holding public gatherings ahead of the 2016 budget

 retreat by parliament in Victoria Falls later this month.