Prison Guards Demanded Free Sex

The sex worker who is serving a six month jail term said the male prison officers were refusing to pay her for services rendered after she risked her life and agreed to have unprotected sex with them before she went to jail.
The sex worker said the male prison officers owed her huge sums of money after having sex with her on credit.The officers are now in serious trouble with their wives who have demanded an explanation from them.

Some elderly officers who are referred to in the prison complex as ‘ vanasekuru ‘ are fighting to save their marriages after the sex worker expossed their uncontrollable appetite for sex.

‘ The revelations by the sex worker can cause marriage break-ups.One male prison officer is said to have fathered a child with the prostitute in question, ‘ said a source within the prison complex.

What the sex worker said has has caused a lot of embarassment especially to married officers, ‘ said one prison guard.According to the source, female officers married to fellow male officers are now demanding that the sex worker in question be given harsh treatment by the guards for trying to break-up their marriages.