Private Universities Urged To Reduce Fees

The government has urged private universities in the country to revise tuition fees downwards as the current charges are not consistent with the prevailing economic environment.
This came out when the Minister of Higher and Tertiary Education, Science and Technology Development, Professor Jonathan Moyo visited Solusi University.
The governments says tuition fees charged by private universities are not justifiable and should be revised downwards.
“While other sectors have been making pricing adjustments which are consistent with the prevailing macro-economic environment, institutions of higher learning have not followed suit,” said Professor Jonathan Moyo.
Solusi University students are expected to folk out US$1400 a semester, a figure which many students are failing to afford.
The weakening of currencies in the region against the US dollar has also worsened the situation as foreign students are also failing to pay their tuition fees resulting in low enrolment at the institution, according to the university Vice Chancellor, Professor Joel Musvosvi.
There are six private universities in Zimbabwe and five of them are owned by churches.