Probe Chombo – Residents

The Combined Harare Residents Association (CHRA) wants Commissioner General Augustine Chihuri to investigate the numerous cases of corruption.

Chombo’s corrupt affairs came to light after revelations of hundreds of properties that he owns throughout the country came to light through a messy divorce affair with his estranged wife Marian.

The pressure group accuses Chombo of unlawfully acquiring land belonging to the council in a letter addressed to Chihuri and the Co- Ministers of Home Affairs, Theresa Makone and Kembo Mohadi. The letter was dated 21 December 2010.

“The Combined Harare Residents Association is disturbed by the fact that it would appear that no action has been taken by the police to investigate the issue of Chombo’s unlawful acquisition of land,” said CHRA Chairperson, Simbarashe Moyo in the letter.

“This creates the impression that the politically powerful can commit serious crimes involving the public property with impunity. The precedent that the inaction against Chombo sets is that, the powerful members of our society can acquire public property illegally secure in the knowledge that the long arm of the law will not reach them. As Combined Harare Residents Association, we are aware of the fact that the police does not desire to set this precedent.”

The Harare City Council (HCC) resolved during last week’s full council meeting that the police should act on a report that was lodged with the Harare Central Police Station with complaints about Chombo’s unlawful acquisition of property.

“On behalf of Harare residents, CHRA implores you to take action on the report that the Harare City Council lodged against Dr I Chombo,” said Moyo.

The Harare City Council councillors early this year compiled a report in which it detailed the unlawfully acquisition numerous properties in Harare by businessman Phillip Chiyangwa in which Chombo was directly involved. The report led to the arrest of the councillors and summoning of journalists who picked up the story.