Problems Flare Up In PSL

Sources have revealed that the 16 clubs that make up the PSL family are demanding part of the sponsorship package to be distributed to the teams before the start of the season on March 5.

The cash strapped clubs have petitioned the league’s management that they cannot wait until the end of the year for the money and want the funds given to them for use during the course of the season.

In the past, sponsors’ money was distributed as prize money at the end of the season but the clubs are saying this is unworkable as they want some of the money to be used to run the clubs.

They are saying the league can reserve money for prizes for the end of the season and dish out what remains for the clubs to survive.

Shooting Stars director, Joel Serengedo, who is championing the clubs’ cause confirmed that they had approached the PSL to have the system of the money’s distribution changed.

Even Kiglon who were on sale are no longer on the market following the agreement by all the clubs that they will Press the PSL management to release the funds.

Club owner Arthur Chitunhu said he is no longer selling his team following the new development.

Eagles, however, had already sold their club to Zimbabwe Saints before news filtered through that a sponsor had been found. Despite this, though, another Premiership club, Monomotapa are not waiting to beg for the sponsor’s money and have placed their franchise up for grabs.

PSL chairman Twine Phiri said they had received the clubs’ concern but added that they cannot make a decision right now before discussing the issue with the sponsor.

He said the sponsor had the power to decide as to when to release his funds saying at the moment, the PSL leadership’s hands were tied.

He, however, said they will do everything possible to make sure the crisis was resolved without soiling the name of sponsor.

The PSL are set to unveil their new sponsors in Harare on Friday after two years without sponsorship. Sources, however, have revealed that the new sponsor is Delta Beverages.