Producer Bothwell Nyamhondera’ s protégé dreams on

By Tafadzwa Muranganwa

Bothwell  Nyamhondera is a veteran music producer who  can be accredited for producing  timeless hits  and has inspired a young producer in Ruwa to take up music production.Nyamhondera has produced  Alick Macheso,Nicholas Zachariah,Tongai Moyo among others. He also formed his band Octave with the likes of Earnest Tanga Sando of “Mahobho” fame.

Unlike Nyamhondera who carved a niche in the music industry while working for top record company, Gramma Records, upcoming producer Evidence Kwara affectionately known as  Counage has his own record label Honeymoon which is beckoning to be a household name.

Radio VOP caught up with the versatile music producer who is laying hands on different music genres .

The former T.C Hardy high  school  student   who   did all various   menial jobs  to buy his first  computer to start music production, was elated with how his first project was well-received by musicians.

“After completing my ‘O’ Level’s ,I worked  from being a taxi-driver   to being a mine labourer and managed to buy myself a computer and other accessories in order to start music production.

“The first project which I did was called ‘Last Warning’ Riddim   which got overwhelming endorsement from over 30 artistes despite that it was an experimental ,”revealed Kwara.

The young producer says music runs in the family since his father is also into music and also his late grandfather  who he claims visited him in a  dream and actually christened  his music production stable Honeymoon.

“I am into music because my father belongs to a band which I once worked for as a sound engineer and I also had an interaction in a dream with my late grandfather who advised me to start music production to the extent of even coming up with the name Honeymoon.

“It only dawned to me later after I had named my recording studio Honeymoon that it was after that dream,” says the young producer with a chuckle.

However, said despite that most of the recorded artistes from his stable didn’t get much airplay he has managed to break into limelight now with the ‘Back to Classic’ Riddim  which  got premiered on Star FM.

“At first most of my productions could not make it on the local radio stations but I am delighted  that my recent works like ‘Back to Classic’ Riddim   was played on Star FM,” added the Bothwell Nyamhondera-inspired  producer.

So far he has produced hip hop, jazz, mbira   and gospel artistes. In his partying shot, Kwara believes he is not going to relent on working towards being one of the revered music producer  in Zimbabwe just like  Nyamhondera whom he wishes to meet  personally  .