Prof Moyo is a Sellout-Samahuru Villagers

In an interview with Radio VOP after an MDC rally at Samahuru today, Nicholas Khumalo, said Prof. Moyo is no longer welcome in the constituency because he has done nothing for his constituency apart from trading their votes at a cheap price to Zanu-PF that has failed to rule Zimbabwe for the past 32 years.

“We are not happy in Tsholotsho North because Prof Moyo worked against our mandate to represent our interests in Parliament and when he decided to cross-over to Zanu-PF, he failed to consult us.

“Prof. Moyo is a sellout, Tsholotsho North is faced with serious drought but up to date we are starving, our fields were destroyed by Elephants and the food that the government promised to deliver is distributed by the Chief to Zanu-PF card carrying members,” said Khumalo.
He said that challenges faced by the community in Tsholotsho North date back to Ian Smith regime.

“We have no dams, more than 35 families in this ward share one borehole that was constructed in 1980, our children walk more than 10 kilometers to school and the only clinic that we have has nursing staff but there is no medication. We have been living under such conditions since 1980 when we gained independence and the Government has turned a blind eye on us,” added Khumalo.
In February 2005 Moyo registered to run as an independent for the seat. Doing so earned the wrath of Mugabe, who expelled him from the party and the cabinet. He won the seat in the elections held on 31 March.

Moyo was re-elected to the House of Assembly from Tsholotsho North constituency in the March 2008 Parliamentary election. He received 3,532 votes, defeating MDC candidate Mgezelwa Ncube, who received 3,305 votes, as well as Zanu-PF candidate Alice Dube, who received 2,085 votes. The mainstream MDC did not field a candidate in this constituency on the understanding that Moyo’s victory would be good in the fight to remove Mugabe from power.
Prof Moyo defected to Zanu-PF in 2009, today Tsholotsho North voters passed a vote of no confidence and banned him from addressing them.