Prof Murwira: ‘New tertiary education system to create innovators’

By Courage Dutiro

Tertiary education minister Professor Amon Murwira has expressed confidence in the new education system for higher and tertiary institutions saying it will see a generation of innovators being produced.

Under the new Education Design 5.0 system, institutions of higher learning will be able to create graduates who will be able to proffer solutions to the economic challenges being faced by the country.

In the previous education system, tertiary institutions have been accused of churning out half-baked graduates who could not fit into the market.

Speaking at a public lecture organised by Great Zimbabwe University (GZU) recently, Professor Murwira said the new system will create graduates who will be fully equipped to move the country forward and revive the economy.

“We do not need to attend institutions of higher and tertiary education so as to acquire certificates and get employed but we need to attend these institutions so as to acquire skills and knowledge to produce goods, services and ideas.

“We need to create our own industries in this country, industries do not rain but they are created. We do not need to continue resuscitating things but we need to invent new things and this is only possible through the Education Design 5.0,” said Murwira.

Murwira said the Education Design 5.0 is an upgrade from the colonial education system 3.0 which was designed to produce workers only.

“The Education Design 5.0 system is centred on five things which include teaching, research, community service, innovations and industrialisation while as the 3.0 design was centred on three things which are teaching, research and community service. The 5.0 education is aimed at producing entrepreneurs not workers,” said Murwira.


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