Progress Chipfumo Runs Riot

The show, which began at 8pm was held on Saturday night at Bhora Growth Point in the Goromonzi District about 50 km from Harare.

Radio VOP attended the packed venue at Villa Gig hall.

Chipfumo was playing at the growth point with his Motherland Band when he saw someone talking to his wife who was seated.

The young star then jumped off the stage and began assaulting the young stunned fan.”You cannot propose to my wife while I am there,” he said while beating the guy up. “My wife is not a prostitute. Leave her alone.”

He was immediately arrested by the ZRP in Bhora and taken away to the Police station at about 5 am.

This was when the show was about to end.

Chipfumo, who was drunk, then apologised to the ZRP and was set free but had to pay US$20 to the officer.

The show was then immediately stopped.

This is not the fist time that the musician has beat up a fan. Chipfumo gets violent when drunk during his shows in Harare.