Prophet Angel Claims To Be Worth US$60million

Gweru,October 20, 2013 – Spirit Embassy founder Prophet Uebert Angel says he is worth US$60 million and insists that his fortune is from his business empire and not the church. 

According to a report by the State owned Sunday Mail newspaper Prophet Angel made the claim when he made a surprise appearance at a Business Indaba hosted by the Midlands State University’s Centre for Entrepreneurship Development here on Friday.

“I am worth more than US$60 million and I made all of that money through various business enterprises that do not include my church. I have interests in South Africa, the United Kingdom and the United States. For the record, one of my companies is building an airport in St. Lucia,” said Prophet Angel.

The flamboyant preacher arrived for the event leading a three-car convoy comprising of his top-of-the range Bentley and two Mercedes Benz vehicles that had his security detail.

“Many people think that the church looks after me, but the truth of the matter is that the church cannot afford my lifestyle. I have very expensive tastes and that is why I am in business and make so much money.

“Money makes me happy and I have lots of it. I have never been broke all my life” added the prophet to a thunderous applause. And he was not done yet in revealing just how blessed he is.

“If for some reason all my assets and business interests in Zimbabwe are taken from me, I am not worried because there are at least three other countries I can go to where I would still be a multi-millionaire,” said Prophet Angel.

Prophet Angel mentioned Africa Oil and Pearl Technologies, a company he says manufactures high end mobile devices, among the several companies under his vast business portfolio. He went on to reveal that he has two degrees in finance as well as a Masters Degree in Philosophy.

His critics however accuse him of exploiting the ‘prosperity gospel’ to enrich himself. Congregants are encouraged to give generously to the church in return for blessings from God. This they say has seen Prophet Angel and fellow Prophet and friend Emmanuel Makandiwa become wealthy.

Source: Nehanda Radio