Protesting foreign nationals in SA asked to refrain from using children as shields

The United Nations (UN)  in Pretoria says foreign nationals should refrain from using children and women as shields as they protest to leave South Africa for another country. They do not want to go back to their countries of origin.

This comes after a number of foreign nationals camping out at the United Nations Refugee Agency in Pretoria demand that the UN should intervene. The group has been camping there for over four weeks and they want the UN to facilitate their passage to a safe refugee camp outside South Africa.

Similar protests have taken place in Cape Town.

“ I would urge all the refugees to stop using children and women as shields, it’s not fair and it also really abusing the children and women when we put them in front. We cannot take away or separate children from their parents. So it’s a very difficult thing but I think that we need to continue dialogues with the refugees because there are  some that have little questions,” says UN Resident Coordinator, Nardos Bekele-Thomas.