Queen Wishes to Visit Zimbabwe

President Mugabe blames Britain for retaliation following his seizure of controversial white owned farmlands.

But here is the irony, Britain’s Queen Elizabeth is wishing to visit Zimbabwe, British Ambassador to Zimbabwe Ms Deborah Bronnert has said.

“2012 is a special year in the United Kingdom. We have the Olympics, followed by the Paralympics. These two coincides with the celebrations of the Queen second Diamond .When I spoke to her last year (The Queen) she had full memories of visiting this country.

“I could see her love for the country in our conversation connected to my coming here as a representative. She was talking very fondly of Zimbabwe and her intentions to come here travelling around here and seeing people of Zimbabwe,” Bronnert said.

Ms Bronnert was guest speaker last Friday at an event organised by Harare West legislator and the country’s Women’s Affairs, Gender and Community Development Deputy Minister Jessie Majome to donate 1000 primary school reading books.

The last time Queen Elizabeth set foot in Zimbabwe was in October, 1991 when Zimbabwe was hosting the Commonwealth heads of government meeting in Harare.

At the time, Zimbabwe, a former British colony, was enjoying good relations with the former colonial power. The queen is the longest living monarch after having acceded to the throne in February 1952 on the death of her father George VI.

When her father, the King passed on, the queen, then princess, was on a honeymoon in another African country, Kenya, enjoying the sunshine that goes with the African friendly weather. During that period, Winston Churchill was prime minister.

The queen celebrated her diamond jubilee this year. Given the animosity between Harare and Buckingham palace, it may be a while before the Queen officially sets foot again in Zimbabwe.