Radio Licence Issuance To Linger Longer

“We cannot announce the actual date of the issuance of the licences now because the process is going to take some time. As you witnessed some of the applicants raised some other new issues and they are going to submit to the commission document evidence supporting their presentations. That alone is another process and the commission will need some time to peruse the submissions before adjudication,” Erica Mususa one of the BAZ Commissioners.

Four aspiring radio stations which were short listed from; fourteen commercial radio licence applicants over the week went through BAZ public hearing.

The four are VOP FM, KISS FM, AB Communications and Zimpapers Talk Radio.

During their presentations before BAZ all the four aspiring radio stations indicated that there were going to submit additional documents to support their presentations. This was prompted by questions emanating both from BAZ commissioners and the public seeking further clarifications.

Only two are going to be granted a national free to air national commercial licence which will run for 10 years.

A national free to air national commercial licence refers to a profit making broadcasting entity that transmits an un-encoded signal throughout Zimbabwe.

In 2005 BAZ invited applications for free to air commercial licences but no private player was awarded with one.