Radio Still Zim's Most Preferred Medium For News-Survey

A third of Zimbabweans still prefer to get their news from the radio, with only 10% checking social media for news every day, results of a new survey showed on Thursday.

Thirty-three percent of Zimbabweans listen to the radio every day and a further 28% listen a few times a week, according to the findings of the survey, conducted by research group Afrobarometer in partnership with Zimbabwe’s Mass Public Opinion Institute (MPOI).

Zimbabwe’s airwaves have long been dominated by the state-owned Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC), though two private stations launched in Harare in 2012 are increasingly popular. Both are linked to the ruling Zanu-PF party.Some local commercial radio stations, also heavily linked with the ruling party were licenced.Also popular for news are independent radio stations broadcasting of medium and short wave as well as on Channel Zim free to air satellite television and Internet including Studio 7, Radio VOP, Corah and Radio Dialogue among others.

The authorities in March this year licensed eight more FM radio stations, but again, all have links to the Zanu(PF).

Fifty-five percent of Zimbabweans never get their news from a newspaper, the poll shows. Seventy-five percent of them never check the internet for news.

The survey was conducted in November, when 2 400 adults were polled.

Figures from Zimbabwe’s telecoms regulator show internet penetration in the southern African country is at least 47%.