Rape Suspect Arrested After Falling Asleep On Victim

A KwaZulu-Natal man was arrested at the weekend after he fell asleep while allegedly raping his landlady.

The 28-year-old man allegedly held her up with a bush knife at her Umzinto home around 17:0 on Sunday, said provincial police spokesperson Thulani Zwane. 

She was forced to hand over her bank card and pin code, and he allegedly left to withdraw money.

Zwane said he suspected the man went to buy alcohol and other items with the money before returning to her home.

“The suspect further threatened the victim and raped her in her house. While raping her, the suspect fell asleep and the victim had a chance of locking the house and reported the matter to the police,” he said.

“Police arrived at the scene and found the suspect still sleeping and he was arrested and charged accordingly.”

The man would appear on rape and robbery charges in the Umzinto Magistrate’s Court on Wednesday.