Rape Suspect Denies Committing Crime,Claims Manhood Was Swollen At The Time

Esigodini, December 23, 2013 – A rape suspect has told the court that he did not commit the crime as his manhood was swollen during the period the alleged rape is said to have occurred.Perseverance Maphosa, 31, of Esihlengeni area under Chief Sigola in Esigodini told regional magistrate Joseph Mabeza that there was no way he could have raped his 12-year-old neighbour in September since he was in pain with his manhood swollen.

“Your Worship, during the period I am alleged to have raped the complainant, I had sores on my private parts and I was in so much pain. When the police officers advised me of the alleged rape, I even showed them my swollen manhood,” said Maphosa.

When the magistrate asked Maphosa whether the ailment was a sexually transmitted infection (STI), he quickly responded by saying it was not an STI but an illness that had affected his whole body.

“I cannot say it was an STI because the disease had affected my whole body although it had concentrated more on my private parts. I had spots all over my face. The health staff did not even tell me what the problem was, they just gave me medication,” he said.

Maphosa even went on to say he could not have raped the girl because he knew she was still young and not yet sexually active. “I knew the complainant very well that she was not sexually active since I was staying with her,” he added.

Maphosa will next appear on January 16 for continuation of trial. Prosecuting, Johannes Tlou narrated how Maphosa allegedly raped the young girl.

“On 7 August, the complainant was left under the custody of the accused person and his wife Thandiwe Makora by her grandmother who had gone to South Africa. On an unknown date but during September, the accused’s wife, Thandiwe, received an illness message and she went away leaving the complainant under the custody of Maphosa.

On the day the accused’s wife was not around and during the night, the accused person shared the same bedroom with the complainant. The accused joined the complainant in her blankets and forcefully had sexual intercourse with her without her consent,” said Tlou.
He said the matter came to light on 10 October when the complainant revealed her ordeal to her grandmother upon her return from South Africa leading to Maphosa’s arrest.