RBZ Snubs Parly

The portfolio committee chaired by Gromonzi North MP paddy Zhanda told Gono and his team that they would not accept evidence from a few board members.

 “The reason why we wanted to meet the full boards members is to know who is who in the organisation as we deliberate accordingly. We have the power according to the statutory regulations to summon people if we notice that they are avoiding meeting this committee,” said Zhanda.

“We are constitutionally mandated to make sure that we do our duty and  present a report to Parliament,” he said.

Zhanda also questioned the commitment of the absent board members to the central bank. “One wonders how much time they have to attend to the bank’s business if they cannot manage to meet the committee.It will be unfair for us to carry on with this meeting in the absence of the other board members,” said Zhanda

He said the RBZ matter had been outstanding for four months and they are now in a hurry to try and clear the backlog. This was after only three members managed to attend the meeting and these are Tody Smith, Author Manase and Gono.

The RBZ board has some of the country’s leading economists, Tony Hawkins and Daniel Ndlela, Labour and Economic Development Research Institute of Zimbabwe boss Godfrey Kanyenze, State Procurement Board head, Charles Kuwaza, businessman David Govere and lawyer Mordecai Mahlangu.

Ministry of Finance permanent secretary Willard Manungo and Zimbabwe Open University vice-chancellor Primrose Kurasha are also members of the board as non-executive directors.

Kambuzuma MP Willias Madzimure said the absence of other board members was unjustified and called it a “snub”.

“It is a snub on the part of the committee; probably they think we are not competent enough but we are here because of the mandate that we got from the people. I think our oversight role means nothing to the RBZ board,” said Madzimure.

In his response Gono said the RBZ had respect for the portfolio committee and parliament.

“I am sure that their absence is something beyond their control. The bank and its board regards parliament with highest respect itdeserves.Most of the time I will be out of the country that is why I
have chosen this day to be with you. There is definitely no reason why I should not appear before you,” he said adding that absence of other board members was something beyond their control.