Reforms first: ‘By-elections a waste of resources’

By Stephen Chadenga

Opposition Coalition for Democrats (Code) president Trust Chikohora has said by-elections scheduled for
March 26 were a futile exercise that wasted the country’s resources and would not add any value to the country’s political fortunes.

Chikohora whose party is a member of the Political Actors Dialogue (Polad) said instead of channeling resources for by elections government should direct such efforts in ensuring that electoral reforms were put in place ahead of the 2023 plebiscite.

“As Code we will not participate in the by-elections of March 2022 as they are simply a waste of State coffers,”Chikohora said in an interview.

“And as such having these by-elections which actually will produce MPs and councillors who will only be able to serve for just about a year will not add much value to our country at this stage.”

If you look at the cost of running these elections versus the benefit you will see the cost far outweighs the benefit that may be derived from the by-elections,”he added.

He said whatever outcome to be derived from the by-elections would not change the status quo in terms of governance processes in the country.

“To us this is a costly exercise which will not realise any benefits as far as improving the lives of the people of Zimbabwe is concerned,”he said.

Last month leader of opposition National Constitutional Assembly Lovemore Madhuku also told journalists that next month’s by-elections lacked political significance and were a waste of resources.

He said the country needed to focus on electoral reforms ahead of next year’s polls.