Reggae Star Says Mugabe Is The Best

In an interview with the Mail and Guardian in South Africa, Sizzla said of Mugabe: “I think he’s a good president, kind to his nation, just and true. It’s for the people to educate themselves about their leader, about their country.”

He added: “I think he is preserving the royal heritage of the people of Zimbabwe. I think it’s a beautiful country, with a beautiful president and a beautiful nation.”

The reggae artist, who has a warrant of arrest on him by Britain’s Scotland yard for inciting murder of gay people, defended the brutal land takeover that saw the country turning into a basket case. He added: “Africans for the Africans.”

“Don’t say ‘giving land to the black people’-black people own the land. If you say ‘giving land’ it means we stole the land from them (white people). I don’t see anything wrong in giving black people their land.”

Another reggae artist, Joe Thomas, drew the ire of his Zimbabwean supporters when on arriving in the country in 2008 said Mugabe was “a champion of human rights” by addressing Zimbabwe’s colonial land imbalances in the controversial land grab programme that has benefited government supporters with little to show on the ground in terms of agricultural production.

The American musician, despite admitting that he was not aware of Zimbabwe as a country, praised the government for a peaceful country. This was against the fact that the same year (2008) he performed, scores later died in political violence.

Zimbabwe’s violent and chaotic land invasions drove out most of the 4 500 white commercial farmers who produced most of the country’s food requirements. Zimbabwe is now considered a ‘basket case” as it constantly seek for food aid to feed its starving population in the rural areas where about 80 percent of the nearly 12 million people live.