Mines sector must adhere to reasonable pricing,reprieve is welcome

By Nhau Mangirazi

HURUNGWE– Mining industry players welcomed President Emmerson Mnangagwa reprieve to the sector when he announced the two week lockdown extension on Sunday.

There are calls for Chamber of Mines and Zimbabwe Miners Federation to create competitive supply of consumables to their membership and add value chain in the mining sector.

Zimbabwe Miners Federation Mashonaland West provincial chairperson Chiedza Chipangura said the move to allow miners to be productive meant that there is life after Coronavirus pandemic.

However, she appealed to the suppliers of mining consumables to be professional in their conduct.

‘We are appealing suppliers of mining consumables to avoid increasing prices unnecessarily. They must avoid inflating prices. This also the time to consider locally made products, capitalize the manufacturing sector to support mining,’ she added.

Chipangura further revealed that it was high time Zimbabwe mobilize its own resources.

‘The country cannot afford to keep looking towards donor funding or foreign investment yet we have the resources. This can be a silver lining to utilize our resources as the donor community is affected by the Covid 19,’

Parliament portfolio committee on environment, tourism and hospitality parliament portfolio committee chairperson Hon Concilia Chinanzvavana-Masuku challenged miners to work closely with environmentalists.

‘Yes COVID- 19 is a sad reality that has seen lockdowns all over the world but we must have clean environment so that the challenge is made easier. We must preserve clean environment as communities and the mining sector must work towards this as they resume operations,’ said Chinanzvavana who is the proportional representative for Zvimba said COVID-19 will have devastating effects on people’s lives but a clean environment is one solution that may help the nation out of the global pandemic.

‘We must work harder as communities and make it better through clean environment. The COVID-19 is a reality. Let us all try to justify our cleanliness as communities. Zimbabwe has better policies that we need to abide on environment,’ she noted