Residents Cry Foul As Council Removes Defaulters' Water Taps

By RadioVOP Correspondent

Chiredzi, June 04, 2016 – WHILE most local authorities in the country are under fire for cutting water supplies to defaulters, the Chiredzi district council has gone a gear up by actually removing the water taps from defaulters’ homes.

This came out during a “Communities in Action” road show run by the Election Resource Centre in Ward 3, Chiredzi on Friday.

“We are experiencing water problems in this area. Council removed water taps for defaulters, which is not good because most people here are not working. They must fix the taps for people to access clean water,” said Timothy Mugwagwa, a resident from the area.

Locals have accused their local authority of failing to provide tap water even when they would have been up to date with rate payments.

The Communities in Action campaign intends to increase and strengthen the organised and active involvement of citizens on local governance issues.

Much of the work focuses on helping citizens engage local leaders on substantive issues of community action.

Ward 3 residents who still have access to water said despite paying their water and other bills on time, they only get tap water for only two hours daily.

Citizens demanded minutes of full council meetings so that they have an understanding of how their money was being used since council has failed to supply them with clean water consistently.

“They are refusing to give us minutes of full council meetings. We need to know how our money that we are paying is being used,” said another disgruntled resident Matilda Mapeni.

The residents accused their councillors of failing to brief them on what was taking place a council, including successive meetings held.

The Communities in Action Campaign creates a platform for engagement between citizens and their local leaders and these include village heads, chiefs and the elected councillors.

The campaign was born out of the realisation of lack of engagement platforms between local leaders and citizens.