Residents Fret Over Impending Town Clerk Departure

By Judith Sibanda

Victoria Falls, August 13, 2016 – RESIDENTS in the resort town want out-going town clerk, Christopher Dube to delay his departure insisting the Bulawayo bound public official was best to see through a recent house deal entered between the authority and a local bank.

Dube, who has served the council for several years, has landed a similar post with the Bulawayo City Council and was preparing to bid farewell to the authority.

However, residents feel his departure could jeopardise the implementation of a recent partnership between Council and Commercial Bank of Zimbabwe (CBZ) to fully service 1 174 low cost housing units for prospective first time home owners.

As town clerk, Dube was chief architect of the $12 million deal which residents felt would corruptly benefit individuals connected to council authorities at the expense of the homeless.

Residents feel Dube’s departure before the project took off ground could throw the process into turmoil in the hands of his successors.

“Before we release you to go, we would like you to clear this CBZ deal which has caused too much confusion,” said a resident during a recent meeting with the authorities.

 “Right now you are telling us getting a stand will not be automatic and we feel there is no assurance there.

“We want council to set a structure where there will be outside council representatives who will also monitor how the funds are going to be used if they are still there and a thorough auditing will have to take place before you leave.

“We are saying this because we have witnessed a lot of corruption in your offices taking place and when such happens no one will want to take the blame.”

Homeseekers, some with offer letters dating back to 1989, said council’s decision to engage the bank jeopardised their interests.

This was after the Housing and Community Services director, Lot Syatimbula told the meeting that the home seekers would not automatically benefit from the project.

Another resident, Trymore Ndolo said there were lots of in-fights between council management and the council to the extent of taking each other to High Court.

As such, they want Dube to fumigate the situation before he could depart.

Some said they wanted the town clerk to appoint someone with a more positive vision and with no corruption record before he left.

However Dube in response said it was his wish to extend his stay in the resort town if the council allowed him to.

Dube said he was not eager to respond to some of the issues raised by residents on professional reasons.

He landed the position in 2014, to which he had served in the town as the Municipality Treasurer in 1999 to 2002.