Residents Rubbishes Chombo's Team

The team led by former local government secretary, Finnie Munyira started its investigations in the city last Tuesday.

Chombo claims he set up the investigating team following complaints from residents over questionable decisions by the local authority.

Effie Ncube, the chairperson of the Matabeleland Constitutional Reform Agenda (MACRA) dismissed the investigations as Chombo’s ploy to victimise the MDC –T dominated council.

“Chombo is playing political games in MDC run councils. If there are real issues with the city council as he claims, the anti- corruption commission should move in rather than his handpicked home boys who are ironically receiving hefty allowances from the same local authorities which they are investigating,” said Ncube.

Ncube said Chombo who has been accused of amassing massive wealth through corruption has no moral standing to set up the probe team.

“ Chombo has no moral ground to investigate anyone against corruption when he himself is at the centre of corruption allegations .He should first explain to the nation how he acquired his massive properties ,” said Ncube.

The Secretary of a local pressure group, Ibhetshulikazulu, Fuzayo Mbuso said Chombo’s investigating teams in MDC run councils were not helping residents at all.

“Look at the composition of the team .There is no one from Bulawayo .He is just creating jobs for his friends. Residents have not benefitted from these commissions in MDC run cities like Chitungwiza and Harare. The minister is just on a fault finding mission so as to discredit the MDC run councils,” said Mbuso.

So far only organisations and individuals with strong links to Zanu (PF) such as the governor for Bulawayo Metropolitan province Cain Mathema, Zanu (PF), war veterans have met the team. 

The city council is catering for the team‘s accommodation, daily allowances and transport costs.

On Tuesday Bulawayo mayor councillor Thaba Moyo said the council had nothing to fear or hide because it is conducting its business in a transparent manner.