Resign Or Face Dismissal, Grace Mugabe Tells VP Mujuru

The First Lady, Grace Mugabe has once again implored Vice President Joice Mujuru to resign or risk dismissal, amid new claims that she is plotting against President Robert Mugabe.

Grace told the gathering at the Mazowe Children’s Home comprising students from the various institutions of higher learning that she is in possession of a video recording of Dr Mujuru accusing her of influencing the President to stay in power to enrich the First Family.

She said while the First Family has worked hard to establish the family businesses in Mazowe, the Vice President was on a mission of extortion of existing white businesses, promoting corruption and fanning disunity in the party.

Amai Mugabe said Dr Mujuru’s 10-year tenure in office was a waste of time as she has no tangible national projects or meaningful contributions for the upliftment of women and the nation at large.

“She must resign forthwith, if she is clever and wants to remain respected, she must resign than to wait for her to be chased away. We don’t want people who are corrupt and who want to topple President Mugabe. She has a Dotito demon, which is of amassing wealth through corrupt means. I once trapped her and I have a video of her denigrating President Mugabe and accusing me of dragging him along so that he remains in office, she even said President is hard-hearted,” said Dr Mugabe.

The youths endorsed President Mugabe and the First Lady and denounced those bent on trying to topple the head of state.

Zimbabwe Congress of Students Union (ZICOSU) President, Leopold Chakanyuka said the students will support and stand with the First Family, adding that there is no sense in some party members saying they support President Mugabe if they don’t respect the First Lady.

He said it is the duty of the youth to defend and protect the revolution which was also fought by the youth when thousands of students skipped the border to go and join the liberation struggle.

At the meeting, Central Committee member, Idah Mashonganyika, who is believed to be in the Mujuru faction, was booed and asked to leave.

On the contrary, the students and youth groups suddenly burst into welcoming slogans at the arrival of Saviour Kasukuwere,  Christopher Mutsvangwa and Patrick Zhuwao.

After speeches by the youths, the outgoing Women’s League Secretary, Oppah Muchinguri took to the podium, where she said those who have been booted out of their positions should not expect to bounce back in the Central Committee at congress as they have failed to lead.

Votes of no confidence have been passed to several party leaders, with eight provincial chairpersons having been booted out.

Jason Machaya, Andrew Langa,  Ray Kaukonde,  Amos Midzi,  Callisto Gwanetsa,  John Shumba Mvundura,  Callistus Ndlovu and Temba Mliswa have all been shown the exit door over allegations of failing to lead their provinces in a way party members want.  

Muchinguri said the entry of the First Lady onto the political scene has opened a new era of openness and candid talk among party cadres.

She added that it is pleasing to note that the youths who are the vanguard of the revolution have also joined and are keen to protect what was won by the older generation.

She warned those resisting the First Lady and President Mugabe’s continued leadership of the party to consider finding another political home.