Resist Mugabe’s Poll Calls : Makoni Urges Citizens

Makoni, who contested the 2008 presidential election and polled more than 300 000 votes, in a statement to the media said Zimbabweans should be vigilant of President Mugabe’s political machinations.

“Let us all be wary of the machinations of President Robert Mugabe who is intent on leading this country into yet another bloodbath reminiscent or worse than the run up to 27 June 2008 election run-off,” he said.

“We demand a satisfactory explanation as to what the Inclusive Government (IG) of Zanu-PF, MDC-T and MDC-N has been doing since constituted in February 2009, with regards to the issue of putting in place necessary electoral reforms.

“One of the main issues the shaky Coalition Government was supposed to tackle is readying the country for the holding of free and fair elections among a host of other issues,” he added.

Makoni charged that the three leaders in the inclusive government must justify to the people of Zimbabwe the “unnecessary’ waste of taxpayers’ money through funding operations of a bloated government which he said does not deliver results at the end of the day.

“This is another straight case of political fraud committed in broad daylight by the IG leaders. It is now evident that the coalition government has failed dismally to prepare the country for a free and fair poll,” he added.

Makoni, a former Zanu-PF politiburo member and finance minister, implored leaders of the three political parties in the power-sharing arrangement to acknowledge failure, apologise and resign, paving the way for the setting up of a Transitional National Authority (TNA).

He said the TNA would, among other things, carry out a genuine national healing and reconciliation programme feeding into creating an environment suitable for the holding of free and fair elections.

“The TNA should exclude all leaders of political parties and have a lifespan of twelve (12) months. Mavambo will only participate in elections conducted in an environment that guarantees a free and fair outcome.

“The peace loving citizens of Zimbabwe should stand their ground and fiercely resist being cowed into another blood-letting extravaganza. If President Mugabe forces an election without the necessary reforms, we will have a repeat of 2008, which will be a disastrous non-event,” he said.

Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai and the leader of MDC, Welshman Ncube have constantly expressed reservations over the staging of fresh polls under the present Lancaster House constitution and without the requisite reforms enshrined in the GPA.