Rhodes Remains Blocking Rains – Zanu (PF) Governor

Rhodes is buried at Malindidzimu hill in Matopo just outside Bulawayo.

“I wonder why years after independence of Zimbabwe his grave is still found there.  We are going exhume it and send it to Britain where it belongs.  Right now we are failing to get rains because of Rhodes’ bones buried at Matopo Hills,” Mathema told Radio VOP.

Mathema also said he is very angry with Rhodes’ grave and this has made him stop visiting Matopo area.

Rhodes was born in England on July 5, 1853 and was buried in Matopo on the 10th of April 1902.He was elected to the Cape Parliament in South Africa and by 1890 became Prime Minister. During this time, he actively pursued north of the Limpopo River. The result of his endeavours produced new British annexations: Nyasaland (now Malawi), Northern Rhodesia (now Zambia) and Southern Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe).

Mathema added he wanted the David Livingstone’s stature in Victoria Falls removed and replaced by the one for President Robert Mugabe.