Rights Body To Assist Prosecution Of Zim Human Rights Violators

The programme by the Zimbabwe Justice Project (ZJP) calls on victims to fill its forms stating where and when the violation occurred, name of the perpetrator and injuries sustained before forwarding the document to its Cape Town based lawyers Matthew Walton and Associates via email or fax for prosecution.

“We must make the people who commit violence accountable for their actions. Those who commit crimes must go to prison. In Zimbabwe, we have signed the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. We must stand up for our rights and we must stand up for the rights of others,” read in part the ZJP’s statement about its programme entitled Stop the Violence: Stand Up For Your Rights.

“Do not accept political violence. Take positive action to create a violence free country. Report it NOW. You can make a difference. Together we can protect our children’s future.”

Human rights organisaitons have said state sponsored violence and malicious prosecutions of perceived opponents of President Robert Mugabe remain a major concern in the country.

The human rights bodies say this is because there is an upsurge in the clampdown by the Zimbabwe Republic Police, with arbitrary arrest, detention and torture occurring with alarming frequency across the country.

In rural areas, the situation is worse as villagers live in fear of the security forces because of their involvement in the 2008 election violence and continuing failure to hold perpetrators to account.