Riot Police Called To Disperse Warring Zanu PF Factions

Former Zanu PF provincial chairman Daniel Shumba who is eyeing Urban parliamentary city was the sponsor of the disrupted party and he was the guest of honour at the spoiled event. Masvingo Senator Maina Mandava and other top Mnangagwa led faction supporters were in attendance when two busloads of drunken youths sponsored by losing Zanu PF MP Omar Jusbee descended on them.

RadioVOP witnessed the event.

The Mujuru aligned faction which used Jusbee’s buses had earlier in the day tried to hold their own party at Masvingo Poly but they got a very low turn-out.

Daniel Shumba pleaded with his supporters not to fight back but the youths led by Zanu PF national youth deputy chairman Talent Majoni made it impossible for the party to go ahead.

“Don’t fight us, if you have energy why don’t you go and beat up MDC supporters who are giving us problems here in Masvingo? Leave us alone – go away, just leave us,” senator Mandava pleaded.

However, the Omar sponsored side would have none of it and continued to sing chimurenga songs denouncing Shumba for bribing the ordinary people.

Some youths both males and females were trading vulgar words when the police was called to bring order.

The even took nearly two hours before the police managed to drive the other faction. Shumba however, said he was not surprised by such behavior and he vowed to bring dignity to Zanu PF.

“This is why these guys were losing to MDC, we should show maturity in politics. Even if they think I am not the best candidate then why are they following us? This is a shame to our party,” said Shumba.

Shumba later splashed cash when he spent about US$ 4000 giving people who were able to answer some questions which he asked.

The minimum amount that an individual was getting from either dancing or answering the question was US$ 100.