Roki Returns Home Without Maneta

Roki was met by a legion of fans at the Harare International Airport that included his mother but Maneta was not seen and it was not clear whether she remained in South Africa or was whisked away using a secret door.

Maneta had become a victim of Internet trolls which blamed her for causing the disqualification of fan favourite Roki and people chorused her name and threatened “to sort her out.”

Liz Dziva, the Multichoice official had earlier said: “I was not given the flight schedule for Maneta.”

The tension between the two was building up over the past three weeks with both having nominated each other in an unprecedented move ever to happen between Zimbabwean housemates.

In disqualifying them Big Brother stated that: “Maneta and Roki – you have both contravened the Provocation rule – repeatedly. Roki you intentionally provoked Maneta by pouring water over her head. Maneta, you then threw cleaning fluid in Roki’s face. Maneta, you also threatened to stab Roki. This after you had both thrown fluids over each other earlier in the day. Big Brother asked you both to show restraint – and neither of you did. As you are both no doubt aware, you have left Big Brother with absolutely no choice. In terms of the House Rules you have both been disqualified from the game.”

The hatred has caused concern with commentators lamenting the hate language on Facebook and Twitter as a potential case of abuse that could go wrong.

Fungai Machirori commenting on her Face Book page profile said: “Zimbabweans need to get serious. They would rather attack a woman who bad-mouthed the country than deal with the reasons (and people) who give her so many things to bad mouth?! Who has given our country a worse name?! …this is the height of ignorance and cowardice.

While a blogger called Joe Black was rather scathing: “Stop. Take a breath. Besides, most of you lifeless TV-drooling zombie-drones would be slack-jawed and starry-eyed if you ever actually met her in person, because you know she’s hotter than you and the fact that she auditioned and got picked means she’s braver than you and now that she’s mildly famous you feel she’s better than you.”

At the end most people still wonder as they asked without an answer from Roki: “Where is Maneta?”