Rtd Colonel Mbudzi Blasts Govt For Abusing Security Forces

By Johannes Chin’ombe

Masvingo, August 09, 2016 – RETIRED army Colonel Kudzai Mbudzi has slammed the Zanu PF led government for allegedly abusing the country’s security organs to stifle democratic change in Zimbabwe.

His remarks come on a day Zimbabwe celebrates Defence Forces Day, ironically under the theme, “The ZDF resolute in Defence of the Constitution, National Sovereignty, Territorial Integrity and National Interest for social economic growth”.

Mbudzi, a former Zanu PF politician who is now Zimbabwe People First (Zim PF) provincial spokesperson for Masvingo, said security forces should be there to maintain peace as change takes course than be used to fight on partisan lines.

“It’s true that we have managed to experience peace in Zimbabwe for the past 36 years but it is important to note that the peace is only granted on partisan lines. Mugabe’s government has actually promoted politicisation of the national security services.

“Never in any standing Zimbabwean statute is there provision, express or implied for a professional soldier, officer, let alone those who occupy the strategic apex of the defence forces in general and military unit in particular to openly throw their weight around and declare their partisan political orientation and intention,” Mbudzi said.

“Civil servants have no role to play in politics, period! We are not the old Nigeria or Burma. We are a modern civilised society which embraces universal and indeed attitudinal dispositions of political and democracy,” he added.

Security forces have of late been seen beating up protestors who are peacefully asking President Robert Mugabe to step down.

They have also been accused of blocking intended peaceful demonstrations against bad governance citing security reasons while at the same time allowing Zanu PF organised demonstrations to proceed unhindered.

Journalists have also been attacked in some occasions for exposing police brutality.

The country’s security commanders continue to cause outrage through continued threats against President Mugabe’s opponents.

In 2008, security chiefs vowed they were not going to salute any president who emerged winner from the country’s elections without any liberation war credentials to his name.

This was in apparent reference to MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai who has posed a real challenge to President Mugabe’s continued rule.