Rushwaya Bribery Charges Dropped

Rushwaya was facing several charges of bribery for allegedly engaging Asian betting syndicates for Zimbabwe’s men soccer team to throw away games. The games according to sports authorities were not sanctioned.

Prominent Harare lawyer Jonathan Samkange, who is representing Rushwaya, said the State dropped all the other charges to remain with the charge of concealing a transaction from a principal. The charge refers to a trip to Malaysia where Rushwaya did not notify the Sports and Recreation Commission that the national team was travelling for games.

The trial for Rushwaya will commence on July 19. She is on $500 bail.

“We agreed that we will go to trial on one count out of seven. Six charges have been dropped,” Samkange said.

The Ethics Committee which is chaired by retired judge Ahmed Ebrahim has been set up to hear the players’ side of the story and decide on what course of action to take on those found on the wrong side of the law.

About 85 players have been barred from representing the country following their involvement in the trips to Asia in which the Warriors are alleged to have sold matches in favour of a betting syndicate.

Motor Action coach who was the deputy national team coach, Joey Antipas, and former Warriors coach, Norman Mapeza, are also being investigated.

The world governing body, FIFA, has told ZIFA that they can only receive financial funding after the conclusion of the Asia gate scandal.