Rushwaya Hides Vehicles From Zifa Debtors

The vehicles, two Isuzu  KB double cabs, and two buses, which were donated by the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe are hidden at a local hotel away from the Zifa offices for fear they might be taken away by those Zifa owes money.

Since the Warriors played Brazil, debtors have flocked to the Zifa offices with the intention of getting paid and Rushawaya confirmed she had no option but to lock the cars away from 53 Livingstone Avenue.

The vehicles included the Isuzu double cab, which former Zifa president Wellington Nyatanga had just returned after holding on for months despite leaving office, while the other, of the same model, was the one which was surrendered by Sunday Chidzambwa before leaving for South Africa.

The two buses with Zimbabwean colour flags on them are the ones that usually ferry the Warriors for training as well as visiting teams coming to play in Zimbabwe.

Rushwaya said the vehicles did not belong to Zifa but to the Warriors Trust which she said was a seperate entity from the national football federation.

According to Rushwaya, the cars, were there to serve the Warriors’ requirements when they have a game adding that Nyatanga used one of the vehicles as a member of the Trust by virtue of his position in Zifa.

“As the co-ordinator of the Warriors Trust, I am in charge of the assets of the Trust and that includes the vehicles which are not Zifa property,” said Rushwaya.

She said she was scared that if the vehicles were kept at Zifa they would be confiscated by the association’s debtors.

However, some members of the Zifa board feel the Trust cannot operate independently of Zifa since the Warriors were a Zifa brand.