Rwandan Secret Agents Sneak Into Zimbabwe To Arrest Fugitive

It emerged Friday that Rwandan security agents entered Zimbabwe after they got wind a wanted genocide fugitive, Charles Bandora, had crossed into Zimbabwe from Malawi where he had been staying since the end of the 1994 Rwandan genocide.

Rwanda has gained infamy for allegedly sending hit men to target genocide suspects and political rivals of President Paul Kagame staying in foreign countries.

Revelations that the Rwandan security agents trekked down Bandora into Zimbabwe were made by Rwanda’s Prosecutor General, Martin Ngoga.

Ngoga said when Bandora, a Rwandan of Hutu origin, was arrested and released by Malawian authorities, he entered Zimbabwe and “we pursued him from there”. 

He reportedly left Zimbabwe in a huff and went to Belgium where he was eventually arrested at the airport.

Extremists from the majority Hutu ethnic group are accused of masterminding the genocide that claimed the lives of close to a million Rwandans from the minority Tutsi ethnic group. Politically moderate Hutus were also targeted.

Ngoga was speaking during a press conference in Kigali on Wednesday organized to announce the arrest of one of the “most’ wanted genocide fugitive, Augustin Nkundabazungu.

Nkundabazungu also a Rwandan of Hutu origin was arrested in Uganda with the assistance of Interpol.

He was immediately extradited him to Rwanda.

But what has caused anxiety are revelations that the Rwandan secret service trekked down a wanted suspect in Zimbabwe without the knowledge of Zimbabwean authorities.

A Rwandan refugee staying in Zimbabwe alleged Kagame’s security agents have been following political enemies into foreign countries and killing them.

“This goes to show that as people who are hated by Kagame we are not safe anywhere in the world. These people (Kagame agents) can enter any country and kill. We are very frightened,” said Claude Muhwirwa, a Rwanda refugee of Hutu origin.

Rwanda and South Africa are involved in a diplomatic row after the shooting of a Rwandan senior official, army General Kayumba Nyamwasa in Johannesburg’s up market suburb a few months ago.

Nyamwasa survived the shooting. South African police have arrested five people whose nationality has not been revealed.

Nyamwasa’s family blames the Rwandan secret agents for the shooting.

An exiled journalist from a privately – owned vernacular newspaper, was also targeted in Uganda. Several suspects have been murdered in Western capitals. All the killings have been blamed on Kigali.

Kagame’s government denies all the charges.