SA And EU Call For Urgent Political Solution In Zimbabwe

South Africa is the main facilitator in the GPA talks while the EU has been pushing for democratiuc reforms in-order to remove sanctions targetted on Mugabe and his cronies for human rights abuses.

In a joint stament in Belgium after a meeting on Zimbabwe, South Africa and EU said although progress had been made in the unity
government, in some fields, there was urgent need to fully implement the GPA.

“They noted progress made regarding the appointment of the Commissioners for the Media, Human Rights and Electoral Commissions,”
read the statement.

 “However, they expressed concern over the slow pace in the full implementation of the Global Political Agreement and urged the members of the Inclusive Government to move forward rapidly. South Africa’s President Zuma and his Facilitation Team were commended for their efforts and SADC was encouraged to remain seized with the process.”

“The Parties also noted and encouraged the on-going EU-Zimbabwe political dialogue based on the Article 8 of the Cotonou Agreement,”
the statement said.

“They also recognised the complementarity of South Africa’s Facilitation efforts and the EU – Zimbabwe political dialogue aiming
at promoting and supporting the implementation of the Global Political Agreement.”

Part of the outstanding issues being contested by the Zimbabwe parties are the appointment of senior government officials including Movement for Democratic Change’s treasurer general, Roy Bennett as deputy minister of Agriculture and removal of sanctions on Mugabe and his senior officials.

President Robert Mugabe refused to swear in Bennett citing terrrorism charges he was facing. However, Bennett was this week cleared of the charges, although the state is said to be considering an appeal against his acquittal.