SA Civic Groups Call for Gwisai’s Freedom

The DLF urged Mugabe to step down and also throw away malicious charges against the team of six who face a possible ten year jail sentence. The South African umbrella body said the conviction is meant to intimidate citizens into submission at a time when another round of polls is impending.

Trevor Ngwane, leading human rights activists said South Africa and President Jacob Zuma to intensify pressure on Zimbabwe’s frail leader to allow the smooth implementation of democratic reforms.

“Mugabe should leave the six to walk free as they have not committed any crime. Watching a video accessible to everyone can not be a criminal offense. Mugabe must go, what he is doing are last kicks of a dying horse”, said Ngwane speaking to Radio VOP.

The Zimbabwe consulate now housed along the N12 highway was coloured with banners and placards calling for dropping of the ruling and an immediate Mugabe exit.

The Zimbabwe consulate tried to get assistance from the South African Police Service (SAPS) as the demonstration was not sanctioned but the police could not expel the protesters as the march was well organised and did not disrupt business.

Reached for comment, the Zimbabwe consulate official who cannot be named said, although they respected freedom of expression demonstrations should be conducted under the confines of the law.