SA Deportees Still Stranded In Beitbridge

Some Zimbabweans deported from South Africa are still stranded at the Beitbridge Border Post with no money to go to their homes.

Criminal activities are on the increase in the border town and the government has been urged to assist in transporting the deportees to their homes.

Zimbabweans without proper documentation who have been deported from South Africa are arriving at Beitbridge Border Post every day where they are received at the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) Centre.

The deportees are, however, failing to travel to their homes as IOM can no longer assist them.

The IOM has stopped transporting the deportees to their homes due to operational challenges and has since handed over the facility to government.

Beitbridge Senator Tambudzani Mohadi says criminal activities have increased in the border town due to the high numbers of people dumped there from South Africa.

The deportees come from the Lindela Repatriation Holding Centre in Johannesburg which is one of the largest holding facilities for undocumented immigrants.

The immigrants are deported mostly for overstaying, lack of legal travel documents while others would have completed  jail terms for various of offences committed in that country.