SA Parly To Debate Al-Bashir Unlawful Departure

Democratic Alliance (DA) parliamentary Leader Mmusi Maimane says South Africa is currently facing an important moment when it comes to diplomacy and how it obeys international treaties.

He says it is for one of these reasons that the recent unlawful departure of Sudanese President Omar Al Bashir should be debated thoroughly by parliament next week.

While Al Bashir was attending the African Union summit, the North Gauteng High Court ordered that he should not leave the country until a final court order has been granted.

Al Bashir is wanted by the International Criminal Court (ICC) for alleged crimes against humanity committed in Sudan.

When the court was still busy hearing whether Al Bashir should be arrested or not, the Sudanese President was already making his way back to Sudan flying out from the Waterkloof Airforce Base allegedly without the knowledge of government.

Maimane says the way government dealt with the matter needs a deeper reflection during the debate.

“Regardless of the nature of the ICC the fact of the matter is that South Africa is a signatory to the Rome statue and ultimately those laws have been ratified through our parliament,” says Maimane.

The debate will take place on Tuesday afternoon.