SA Police Rescue Zanu (PF) Leaders From Gukurahundi Survivors

The meeting, organized by Zanu (PF) allies in South Africa, the Pan Africanist Congress (PAC) had to be cancelled after both MLF and MDC supporters confronted officials of the former ruling party demanding to know why Robert Mugabe sent his Five Brigade to kill thousands of people in Matabeleland and the Midlands.
Some of the officials had to be rescued by the police who arrived on time to stop the youths from assaulting them.The exiled Zimbabweans most of them from Matabeleland accused the Zanu (PF) party and its leader Robert Mugabe of committing genocide in the region and the Midlands provinces in the 80s.
Witnesses told Radio Vop that the officials appeared traumatized by the experience and were quickly escorted out of the hall by the police.The youths told the officials to go and hold their meetings in their own country and declared that Hillbrow was a no go area for Mugabe supporters.

Human rights groups estimated that up to 20 000 civilians were slaughtered by Mugabe’s North Korean-trained army unit, the Five Brigade.The brigade was exclusively compossed of recruits from Mugabe’s Shona ethnic group and the victims were mostly minority groups in Matabeleland which supported the then opposition Zapu party and its leader Joshua Nkomo.
Five Brigade soldiers said they had orders to wipe out the Ndebele and drive the survivors back to South Africa where they came from in the 19th century.
The angry MLF and MDC youths in Hillbrow sang songs that are usually sung by the people in Bulawayo at social gatherings.The songs included the popular one “lingababulali yeya, lingababulali yeya lali bulala obaba ”.
The crowd toyi toyed and demanded justice for Gukurahundi victims as Zanu(PF) delegates looked stunned and helpless.One Zimbabwean who witnessed the commotion told Radio Vop that he saw fear in the eyes and faces of Zanu (PF) for the first time in their lives.

“ They are used to bullying people at home and beating up opposition supporters.But on Saturday they should thank the quick reaction of the South African police who prevented the crowd from molesting them, “ said the witness.
 “Crowds gathered outside the hall by 11am yesterday when news came through that Zanu(PF) would be conducting an anti-sanctions meeting. We waited for Mutasa and his group outside the hall. As we waited, more and more people joined the crowd ,” another  witness told Radio Vop.
 “When Mutasa and his delegation arrived they introduced themselves and said they were the Government of Zimbabwe and started chanting Zanu (PF) slogans. It is at this stage that all hell broke loose.MLF legal affairs chief, Sabelo Ngwenya jumped onto the stage and spoke about people who were killed by Zanu (PF) in Zimbabwe both during the Matabeleland massacres and those killed during elections after 2000.

Ngwenya erupted into another song which is popular with those who survived the massacres “labulala obaba. ” Another activist Prudence Moyo joined Ngwenya on the stage and Zanu(PF) officials watched helplessly as their meeting was hijacked by the MLF and MDC youths.
“ Those murderers must thank the police that they are still alive today.We wanted to teach them a lesson that no one messes up with our people and get away with it.They will pay for what they did in Matabeleland,“ said one MDC supporter.