SA Polls: Malema Claims 'ANC Is Most Violent And Ruthless Organisation In SA History'

Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader Julius Malema says the ruling party has undermined the constitution by disrupting other political parties’ meetings in KwaZulu-Natal. Malema was addressing party supporters in uMlazi, south of Durban.

He has labelled the African National Congress (ANC) as the most violent and ruthless organisation in South African history.

“In Natal there is no free political movement you cannot have a meeting in Natal without disruptions by the ANC. They used to tell us that the IFP is the most violent party but our stay here throughout the week has proved that the ANC is the most violent party not the IFP. The ANC is a violent organisation and is undermining the constitution of SA.”

Malema says South Africans still live in bondage just like in the apartheid era. “We must celebrate going to town, what we are doing in town we are just watching white people showing off their money. We have nothing to spend. Our children still attend same schools that we attended.”

Julius Malema has called on South Africans to fight for the country’s minerals and land.

Malema also focused on government officials spending of taxpayers’ money. “A freedom of building a one million [rand] cattle kraal for the president, the of building a swimming pool for R2.8 million for the president, a million of buying Blade Nzimande,  the communist, a BMW of R1 million, it cannot be freedom.”      

He has called on South Africans to fight for the country’s minerals and land. Malema says people should not celebrate failure, but should rather demand a good life by voting EFF.

“Let us fight for the rightful ownership of the mineral of Africa. People think you are all benefiting because you come from KZN and the president come from KZN. They do not know that the president is benefiting his family not even Nkandla, but his family. Zuma’s family or Nxamalala clan behave like they are the only ones who fought for freedom in KZN. Khulubuse never fought for freedom, he was a taxi driver not even an owner. What freedom did he fight for?”