SA records 1 677 new coronavirus cases Monday

South African Health Minister Dr Zweli Mkhize says 1 677 new coronavirus cases have been recorded in the last 24 hours, bring the total number of cases in South Africa to 611 450. The death toll now stands at 13 159.

Mkhize was speaking during the Gauteng General Practitioner Collaboration panel discussion on the coronavirus pandemic.

Mkhize has attributed the high recovery rate of 83% in the country to the work of health care workers.

He says the well-being and safety of healthcare professionals will be prioritised.

“All the people who have recovered, we are talking about 83%, they actually have recovered in the hands of healthcare workers. Over 27 000 of our colleagues who have become infected with the virus and tragically which has robbed us of 240 of the talented health care workers. We have taken the slogan that says no PPE, no work because we want to encourage all those who are in the leadership to take the issue of the protection of health workers very seriously. It is our duty to honour their sacrifice by committing fully to the safety and well being of healthcare workers,” he says.