SA Zuma Not in Zim this Week:Zulu

Zuma, the facilitator to the GPA negotiations by the country’s three main parties MDC-T, MDC and Zanu PF was expected this week to help parties iron out the election roadmap to allow fresh elections to replace the coalition government formed in February 2009 after disputed violent elections in June 2008.
“President Zuma will not be in Zimbabwe this week. I don’t know where the other press is getting that from. President Zuma will be busy with the ANC policy conference this whole week. There is no way he can be out of the country,” Zulu said over the telephone from her base in South Africa.
But she said:”The negotiators have been meeting and the negotiations are currently on-going.”
The Sunday Times of South Africa had reported Sunday that Zuma will be in Zimbabwe on Monday or Tuesday, quoting an official of one the party negotiators to the GPA.
Zuma was tasked by the last SADC summit to ensure that the three parties complete the constitutional making process with a referendum held thereafter.
According to the GPA Zimbabwe must write a new constitution which will be followed by a referendum to allow fresh elections which will bring an elected government by the people through the ballot unlike the negotiated unity government.
But the constitution making process has been delayed for the past year after parties were failing to agree on issues such as devolution of power and lack of funding for the process which is mainly funded by donor countries from Western nations.