SABC Sports Analyst Apologises For Anti-Homosexual Statements

SABC soccer analyst, Coudjoe Amankwaa, has apologised for homophobic statements made on his Twitter account.

Amankwaa’s controversial statements regarding homosexuality caused an uproar on Twitter and he has since candidly withdrawn them. He says that his account was used by someone without his authorization.

He indicated however, that he takes full responsibility for this, as the account used belongs to him.

Following a meeting with Amankwaa regarding the statements, the SABC has decided to accept his apology and serve him with a written warning.

Amankwaa was instructed by the SABC to apologise to the public for his statements. This as the SABC as a public broadcaster has stated that they do not support hate speech and any other statements that are perceived to be offensive, divisive and which may incite violence and create uncertainties in society.

Amankwaa says in his apology, “I would like to apologise to the SABC, an esteemed institution that embraces diversity and to the South African public at large for the harm caused by what was written on my Twitter account.”