Sabi Mine Set To Reopen …Hundreds Of Workers To Be Reinstated

By Mark Mhukayesango

ZVISHAVANE, November 19, 2015-Over 500 workers at Sabi Mine who were left jobless in 2011 could be
heading back to work next month after the former gold mining giant
secured a foreign investor, Radio VOP has learnt.
According to the company’s judicial manager, Wesley Sibanda, three
foreign suitors were on the radar, but the company has finally settled
for one which will operate as a joint venture.
Sibanda could not however be drawn to reveal the name of the investor
since the company is still to complete necessary paperwork to finalise
the joint venture.
“We have secured an investor for the company and production will
resume next month,”said Sibanda.
“Our only impediment is the antiquated machinery at the mine which
needs to be replaced as soon as we sign the deal,” he added.
The company requires over $100 million to recapitalise as the
machinery at the mine was last used in 2011 when the mine shut down.
Equipment like mine shafts and milling machinery are all antiquated,
hence to improve production investments into new machinery is crucial.
Sabi Gold Mine was put under judicial management last year after it
was declared insolvent.
Manegement is accused of living luxurious lives ,running down a once
vibrant mine which at its peak used to produce, up to 30kg of gold
every month and was also famed for producing high quality gold.
Workers at the mine can now breath a sigh of relief after spending
countless months in depression as the future of the mine seemed like a
pipe dream.
A walk around the mine compound is a tedious one as workers have
barely anything to do to provide food on the table except engaging in
gold panning.
The area is infested with ditches and trenches as hungry families
strive to eke a living through gold panning, a sad scenario when
compared to the days when the company used to produce Zimbabwe’s
finest gold.
Rwathabile Muleya, a mine supervisor at Sabi Gold Mine is hopeful that
the deal wit pull through and hundreds of disgruntled workers will
once again carry the dignity of being called employees.
“All we can do is hope and pray that the deal will be successful
because we have suffered since the closure of the mine. There is a lot
of gold around this area so the future is bright,” saud Muleya.
Muleya blasted management greed ,saying it was the major reason why
the company wallowed in debts which subsequently led to its closure.
“This company used to do very well when there was a good management.
But when these greedy managers came , the company started incurring
huge costs and was saddled with debts which was not necessary,” he
Some workers say they will not return to work until they seen signs of
change in the running of the company.
Mike Mudehwe, a 50 year old worker said the reopening of the mine will
breath hope to a community that is poverty stricken since most
families relied on the mine.
“Most of the people here work or are affected by the operations of the
mine somehow, So the closure was a blow to our community, we just hope
that it will reopen soon,”Mudehwe said.
Mudehwe said youths are engaging in criminal activities due to lack of
employment and resuscitating the mine could save lives