Sabina's heroine status, residents fume

In an unprecedented move which has irked the people of Matabeleland, the Zanu (PF) supreme decision making organ, outside congress, immediately declared the former Zvimba North legislator a national heroine.
During the past years, it has taken the Zanu (PF) politburo more than a week to declare former ZAPU cadres national heroes and heroines. Five years ago for ZIPRA cadre Swazine Ndlovu was declared a national hero when he had already been buried at the lady Stanley cemetery in Bulawayo.

Another former ZIPRA cadre Mafela Sibanda was also last year declared national hero when he was already buried at the same cementary.

“We are really shocked and surprised at the speed at which the late Sabina Mugabe was declared a national heroine. What is more worrying and painfully is that it has taken more than weeks for the same politburo to declare former Zapu cadres national hero status,
” We are really shocked by this attitude of Zanu (PF), said Methuseli Moyo, ZAPU’s Director of Information and Communication.

Moyo said he is not comfortable into the debate of whether the late Mugabe is suitable for the national heroine status or not.
“This decision is for the people of Bulawayo to judge. Unfortunately only a bunch of people in a country with more than one million are allowed to decide on who is a national hero or heroine.” says a Bulawayo human rights lawyer, Matshobana Ncube.
Ncube said the process of conferring national heroine and heroes status must not only be left to Zanu (PF) alone.
“When people in Matabeleland are advocating for the devolution of power, these are some of the issues which they want to be addressed. How can you have a group of old people deciding who they want to be buried at the national shrine? Provinces should also participate in the selection of our national’s heroes and heroines,” said Ncube.
Mugabe will be buried at the national shrine on Sunday.