SADC Ministers Agree To Clamp Down On Social Media

Southern African Development Community (SADC) Ministers of Information have agreed to clamp down on social media, saying while it stimulates debate it poses a risk to regional security.

After meeting for two days in Lesotho, the Ministers took a bold stand, they say they can vouch that there is peace and stability in that country, contrary to wide spread reports.

SADC ministers agree that the main reason for the false dissemination of news is the vacuum left by formal communication from government, and now they have agreed to change this.

Chair of the cluster and Swaziland Minister of information Dumisani Ndlangamanda says,  “One has to just bring to the international community that sometimes you hear stories but when you reach these places you find something different.”

He adds, “We have been to Lesotho but the hospitality the peace the stability we’ve just received ever since we came here is different from what we sometimes hear in newspapers and public media.”

The Ministers agreed that lack of information from governments poses a security risk when malicious content dominates public domain.

Social media is already buzzing with responses including scepticism that the clampdown could affect freedom of speech.
But specific modalities on how SADC will regulate information will be clear soon.