SADC Suspend Zim Crisis Agenda At Summit

A South African embassy official in the country said Zuma will be overseeing the local government elections in his country and SADC has seen it fit that the Zimbabwe crisis problems cannot be discussed without the facilitator.
“We have received communication that President Zuma will not be attending the SADC summit in Namibia and so his report on Zimbabwe negotiations will not been heard by the summit. A full SADC extra ordinary summit on Zimbabwe will be held on June 11 or mid June depending on the availability of regional leaders,”a South African embassy official said  on wednesday.
Zuma voted in the local elections on Wednesday at Ntolwane Primary School in Nkandla, KwaZulu Natal, his home area. The embassy official said Zuma will send his envoy to the Friday summit in Namibia as the regional block will be discussing Madagascar and other matters.
Zimbabwe’s MDC factions were hoping that the SADC summit goes ahead to bring to ‘finality’ the problems that has been affecting the negotiations to resolve outstanding issues in the Global Political Agreement.
Negotiators as reported by the African National Congress (ANC) newsletter this week are worried of the ‘sucession law’ on President Robert Mugabe. The newsletter say the negotiators are not clear what will happen if Mugabe dies or retires before the GPA outstanding issues are resolved.
The election roadmap to free and fair elections was agreed by Zanu PF and negotiators from the two MDC factions.