Sakunda, Wadyajena Lawsuits,Counter Claims Mount

The business partnership between Sakunda Energy (Pvt) Limited owner Kuda Tagwirei and Mayor Logistics (Pvt) Limited proprietor, Justice Mayor Wadyadyena has broken down leading to numerous law suits and counter claims being brought before the courts.

The latest legal wrangle is before the High Court and Sakunda Energy (Pvt) Limited disputes being party to a memorandum of understanding and contract dated 6 December 2012.

The agreement partly reads, ‘Sakunda appoints Mayor Logistics as the exclusive authorised distributor of all its fuel secured for the local Zimbabwean market.’

Additionally, Sakunda assigns the functions of its entire local distribution department and operations to Mayor Logistics including all software and hardware relating to the distribution of local fuel consignments.

The agreement is signed by Archie, J. Ngwenya, Amutumba and S. Spiler for Sakunda and by Justice Mayor Wadyadyena for Mayor Logistics.

However, Sakunda through its lawyers dismisses knowledge of this agreement, terming it fraudulent.

Mayor Logistics through its lawyers earlier approached the Arbitration Centre lodging a complaint over loss of business amounting to US$18 million.

Mayor Logistics seeks an order compelling Sakunda to hand over the functions of its entire local fuel distribution department and operations, including customer account information and all related software and hardware, and payment of US$18,042 million as damages for loss of income.